In brief
On 30 July 2021, the Lao Official Gazette website has published the Decree on Lease Business No. 417/GOV Dated 2 July 2021. The main reason of this issuance is to ensure that the lease business in Laos will be operated in accordance with the law, it is also aimed at accessing sources of capital and facilitating business operation, contributing to economic and social development.
This Decree sets out that both Lao investors or foreign investors, whether in form of individuals or legal entities who wish to operate the lease business must apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate at Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC); then apply for Lease Business License at Bank of Laos (BOL), this business shall be operated under the name of “Leasing Company” but not allowed to operate in the form of the Sole Limited Company.
The capital for the lease business is 5 Billion Kip or over (approximately 522,100 USD), the capital can be in cash or in kind, but the capital in kind must not more than 10% of the registered capital. Moreover, this Decree does not set out the minimum of shares for foreign investors and it might set out in the relevant laws and regulations.

The documents must be in the Lao language, if the documents are in English, they must be translated and certified by a Notary Public. The documentation to be prepared for filing the License are as follows:

No. Details
1. A completed of Application for Lease business License from Bank of Laos (BOL)
2. Enterprise Registration Certificate
3. Feasibility Study
4. A copy of the Enterprise Registration Certificate from the shareholders (if the shareholders are a legal entity)
5. Financial certificate, Deposit bank account from the shareholders
6. Agreement on Establishment of Leasing Business
7. Meeting Resolution for Establishment of Leasing Business
8. Regulations for Leasing Company
9. List of Shareholders and the description of their equity participation
10. Proof of source of the registered capital, in case if the investor is individual, 2 years Financial Statement Report from the external audit company
11. Letter of Consent that authorized the Bank of Laos (BOL) to check the source of registered capital
12. Proof of Residence, Criminal Record, Curriculum Vitae (CV), a copy of Identification Card or Household Registration book of the majority Lao Shareholders; if the majority shareholders are foreigner, a copy of the passport is required
13. Proof of Education and Proof of Experience in Financial area, Banking or another relevant fields; and the Curriculum Vitae of Directors
14. If the representative of the legal entity is Laos, the appointment letter for the representative of the shareholders is required, and if the representative legal entity is a foreigner, a copy of the passport is required
15. Letter of Guarantee from the relevant authorities of the investor’s country which can be proof that the foreign individual and legal entity are allowed to invest in Lease Business in Laos
16. Proof and Map of project location or site where the company will be located and that must be approved by the Chief of Village
17. Power of Attorney (if the representative of the business owner is not available to process the registration)

Durations and Procedures

Procedure #1 Procedure #2
After receiving the documents -mentioned above, officer of the Bank of Laos will take 15 working days to consider and check the accuracy of the application After that, officer of the Bank of Laos will take 45 working days to issue the License
Conditions Conditions
– The capital must be enough to invest and the source of capital must be clear and in accordance with this Decree
– The description of the Feasibility Study must be complete, appropriate and actionable
– The Directors must have an education background and experience in Financial, Banking, or another relevant fields
– The shareholders have never been convicted of intentional criminal mischief
– The registered capital has been paid completely
– Employ the appropriate number of employees
– The materials and location must be provided to ensure the facilities of business operation
– The internal operating system that’s included the inspection and management system must be fully prepared.

If the applicant does not meet any conditions mentioned above but the applicant informs the Bank of Laos with the appropriate reason, the officer will extend 45 working days to consider the application. After 45 working days of extension, if the applicant still not meets the conditions, the Bank of Laos will issue the rejection letter accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Somphob Rodboon
Managing Partner

Viphavanh Syharath