On 18 February 2022, the Thai Department of Intellectual Property Director-General has informed that The Kingdom of Thailand and 20 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member countries are supporting to prescribe the measures to tackle the problem of copyright violation; and to aim to protect online contents that are in the face of streaming-service hacking and other kinds of infringements.

The Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand joined in pushing the issue at the APEC meeting to emphasize that Thailand is ready to develop the country’s intellectual property system to keep up with trade and technology in the present era; and match the needs of entrepreneurs in all forms who are ready to support soft power policies that are beneficial to Thai entrepreneurs and Thai people in all aspects.

The meeting occurred after numerous hacking attacks of online streaming services and cases of illegal access to online content. The APEC members also discussed measures to prevent the production and sale of devices used in copyright violations of online content. Thai digital content industry has presently potential worth about 200 billion baht; and streaming activity is another channel to disseminate the work of the Thai digital content whether it’s music, movies and Thai series as it is convenient, fast, and meets the needs of today’s consumer behaviors.
Shortly, The Department of Intellectual Property will promote awareness-raising activities on respecting rights in intellectual property through streaming and the internet to the wider public.

Somphob Rodboon
Managing Partner

Nattaya Mahakunakorn
Senior Associate

Patthariya Sirinunthaphapakorn