The new regime
The Office of the President released Order Number (1/2021) on 1st February 2021 declaring the State of Emergency and the emergency declaration shall remain in force for one year, effective from 1st February 2021 according to Article 417 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
There are various orders, announcements and notifications issued and appeared in the Global New Light of Myanmar (2nd and 3rd February 2021), leading to the establishing of the new regime in Myanmar.
Most of the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts of the Regions and States were reappointed and the ruling junta reappointed the new ministers at the relevant government office.
Therefore, some process will not be performed stably. The journalists described that the situation as thousands protest against the military.

Shortage of fuel in the next two months
Myanmar has only two months usage for gas. Imports of fuel (gas & oil) have been suspended and trade and banking have been suspended as the anti-military uprising, which has been raging since the Myanmar military overthrew the legitimate federal government and continues to this day.
Gasoline traders are estimate that oil, which accounts for 98 percent of domestic demand, is the main importer and that there will be a shortage of fuel in the next two months, according to traders.
No more oil tankers arrived. Puma Energy was shut down on 10th February 2021, the trade was suspended until the banks reopened because oil importers could no longer pay their bills due to the closure of all banks.

All banking services have been shut down
All banking services have been shut down, and customs and trade offices can no longer operate on import duties and permits.
Myanmar’s economy as a whole has stagnated and departmental offices are running low. Coup administration; the strong impact of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), which is being led by millions of Myanmar people, to shut down all economic mechanisms.

Economic outlook
Amata Corporation, a Thai industrial zone developer, has announced that it will slow down its investment in the industrial zone in Yangon. A senior associated of the company officer told the press online that the current investment of more than 4.5 million will be slowed down.
According to Myanmar’s politics situation, THE MYANMAR TIMES issue the announcement that journals, websites and pages were suspend for three months. Moreover, private banking and most of the government officer participated in Civil Disobedience Movement. As a result, there have been delayed in financial operations in Myanmar.

Risk and difficulties
Due to the changing of enacted laws, reappointment, and administration of ministers since 1st February 2021, there are many ongoing processes with the government authorities have been suspended and most of the government officers have been participating in Civil Disobedience Moment (CDM). Therefore, investors who liaise with the government sectors and the investors who wish to invest in Myanmar are facing many difficulties in communicating with relevant government authorities.
As a result, other processes related to the government would not be able to proceed, apart from online services for some cases. Although the internet system can be used and accessed in limited time, this drawback has still been affecting telecommunication business and some businesses which need to use and rely on internet.
Moreover, the export and import businesses can also be severely affected due to transportation. The cost of foods, fuel and consumer goods will be more pricing, expensive, and scarce.
Thus, under this circumstance, the lack of Rule of Law in country can cause interruption to foreign investment in aspect that the investors may reduce their investments and the remaining investors may also stop their investments in the country later. The employment opportunities will be decreased constantly. Consequently, if there is nothing better, these could be the major

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