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Intellectual Property

ILAW LAOS CO., LTD provides quality legal advice and full service of intellectual property area, we assist our client to identify their trademark and working keenly in order to ensure that our client receive the legal protection.

    • Provides full service of intellectual property area.
    • Handle all trademark prosecution and continuous process, in order to ensure that clients receive the legal protection.
    • Conduct the IP activities in Laos, in connection with IP department of Laos.
    • Certify officially as IP Agency by government authority issued under Decision of Trademark no. 2822/MOST Vientiane Capital, dated 17 December 2019.
    • Our IP Agency certificate is no.177/DIP Vientiane capital dated 16 February 2021.

Corporate & Commercial

We are proficient in legal advice and transactional assistance, commercial and legal issues, as well as timely coordination, suitable for any business transactions.

In this capacity we offer our assistance to cover all legal requirements including but not limited to;

document preparation, disposal of real estate, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, corporate registration, registrations of VAT, tax identity, factory and machinery, an arrangement of company limited and public company limited shareholder meetings, in compliance with all related laws and regulations, legal due diligence.

Corporate Registration

  • Modification of Registered Transaction
  • VAT Registration
  • Capital Decreases
  • Capital Increases

Company Secretarial Services

  • Legal Compliances

License & Permission

  • Recruitment Company License
  • Money Changers License
  • Import & Export License
  • BOI Registration

Drafting & Reviewing Contract

  • Joint – Venture Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Lease Agreement


Our practiced lawyers are well acquainted with technical and stylistic features of legal terms and vocabulary, suitable for the translation service for legal documents.

Notarial Services

  • Legalization and authentication service at Consulars, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other embassies located in Lao PDR.
  • Notarial Services for all kind of legal documents

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