Corporate & Commercial

We are proficient in legal advices and transactional assistance for commercial, tax as well as legal issues, suitable for any business transactions. In this capacity we offer our full-service assistance to cover all corporate and commercial issues including


        • Registration of Incorporation, Sole Proprietorship, and Representatives;
        • Establishment of Local Branch;
        • Changing Location, Director and Representative;
        • Capital Increase and Decrease;
        • Shares Transfer
        • Mergers and Acquisitions
        • Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency

2. Commercial

        • Setting Up Factory and Registration of Machinery
        • Various Business Licenses and Approvals
        • Registration of Qualified Investment Project (QIP)


            • VAT Registration
            • Patent Tax
            • Business Activity Tax
            • Tax Holiday
            • Settling of Tax Disputes and Penalty


        • Corporate & Tax Compliance
        • Legal Due Diligence
        • Legal Compliances and Certificate of Compliance

5.Contract and Agreement

        • Contract Drafting, Review, and Revision
        • Various Business Agreements


We counsel issue on visa applications and arrange for work permit application, as well as manage social security for manpower. We also take care of employee contract agreements before the worker starts to work as your employee to make sure it complies correctly to Cambodian Law.

Real Estate

We regularly liaise with government authorities in order to manage permission of construction, transfer of land and condominium, ownership transfer, conversion from soft to hard titles, construction and architect license, nominee, as well as general planning and construction-related regulation and compliance.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

We provide services on certify food and beverage product, hygiene, as well as registration of medicines and cosmetics to import and export of product complied to local regulatory processes and laws affecting pharmaceutical and Healthcare.

Intellectual Property

We have wide experience in various areas of intellectual property laws such as trademarks, trade names, patents and industrial designs, inventions, licensing, copyrights, geographical indications, trade secrets and domain names. Our IP service also includes due diligence, prosecution and contentious, customs recordation, raid action and enforcement and litigation.

Our attorney has been recognized as licensed trademark attorney in Cambodia, certified by Cambodia Ministry of Commerce.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution lawyers represent clients in domestic and international litigation and arbitration, including labour, bankruptcy, insurance claims, family law, administrative law, class action, and execution and enforcement.

Banking and Financial Services

Our Banking and Financial Service Department could assist clients in setting up financial industry, including commercial banks, micro-finance institutions, pawnshops and assist in other financial products. We are well-connected to C-level executives in most major commercial banks in Cambodia.