ILAWASIA is delighted to share the news that attorney Vicheka Lay, esteemed partner of ILAW Cambodia Law Office, has been officially appointed as a member of Young ICCA, the eminent arbitration knowledge and skills network dedicated to nurturing young practitioners in the intricate realm of international arbitration. This confirmation not only reflects Vicheka Lay’s dedication and expertise but also underscores ILAW Cambodia Law Office’s commitment to advancing its practice in commercial arbitration.

As a member of Young ICCA, Vicheka Lay joins a prestigious cohort of emerging professionals from diverse backgrounds, contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of arbitration. This affiliation not only enriches Vicheka Lay’s professional journey but also enhances ILAW Cambodia Law Office’s standing within the global arbitration community.

ILAW Cambodia Law Office is poised to leverage this significant milestone to further strengthen its capabilities and expand its footprint in commercial arbitration. With Vicheka Lay’s membership in Young ICCA, the firm reaffirms its dedication to delivering exceptional legal services and staying at the forefront of developments in international arbitration.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Vicheka Lay on this achievement and look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of ILAW Cambodia Law Office in the dynamic arena of commercial arbitration.